Here is the list of our services and fees beginning January 1, 2024.  Fees can be paid on the day of the first drive by cash, check to "Ken Wade - Eco Driving Utah" or Venmo to @ecodriving (ask about Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, Applepay, or credit card link if you prefer.) 

If needed, we can do half payment on the day of the first drive and half on the day of the last drive.


Full Driving Instruction for 15-18 year old students

This includes three driving sessions and online coursework - Pickup/Drop-off at home, school, or work included. (If you have completed the coursework from school or another company, the total for just the drives is $360)

Note: a $60 surcharge (total) will be added for pickups/drop-offs west or south of Bangerter Hwy or in the Suncrest area or North Salt Lake/Bountiful. $90 surcharge added for Park City.

Schedule teenage driving sessions by texting 385-237-6589


Coursework only

If you have completed the drives and only need coursework, we have an online class.  https://ken-s-school-3db4.thinkific.com/


Private Lessons

Schedule by the hour based on need (we prefer 90 min lessons for this. 90 min = $120)

Note: a $10 surcharge will be added for each pickup/drop-off west or south of Bangerter Hwy and in the Suncrest area -- $25 surcharge for Park City.

Schedule private lessons by texting 385-237-6589


Third Party Road Test

See this info page for details.

No charge for a retest if you don't pass the first time with us. We'll tell you what to work on and we can retest you as soon as the next day. 

Or we can do a private lesson first if you'd like us to help you prepare.


Extra practice if you drive with us and don't pass the road test at first.

Everyone has a bad day sometimes -- call or text if you need a little extra practice before retaking the test.  -- 385-237-6589