Get your license with us!

 Thorough and Safe Defensive Driver's Education 

Join us for your state-required driver's training. We pick-up/drop-off at your house (in the Salt Lake Valley) so parents don't need to run you around for your lessons. If you sign up with a friend, you can drive together! (Plan ahead so there is availability for 2 drivers.) 

Because we are a small school where one instructor will teach you from start to finish, we have limited availability. Plan ahead and begin your drives with plenty of time before you turn 16 or are ready to get your license.  (2+ months is ideal, but we will do what we can if you're in a hurry). You do not need to complete your coursework or driving with parents before you begin to drive with us... you just need a current learner's permit.

Visit the Utah Driver's License Division website to learn all the requirements for obtaining your license. The process for 15-18 year-olds is:   

1. Pass the written exam, get your Learner Permit, and hold it for at least 6 months.

2. Complete 40 hours driving with a parent (10 at night) - 6 of those can be with us.

3. Complete the coursework requirement. We recommend a home study packet. Ask us for details. We can also refer you to an online option if you prefer.

4. Complete the driving requirement - 6 hrs with an instructor (this is what EcoDrivingUtah does.) Beginning in May 2021, Utah no longer requires observation hours for driving students.

5. Pass the Road Skills Test from the DLD or a 3rd party road tester

6. Complete this online Traffic Safety and Trends Exam  

7. Go get your license! 

We take the time to get to know each student and tailor driving instruction to their needs. Whether you need to spend time driving on the freeway, navigating traffic, or preparing for the road skills test, you're in good hands with Eco Driving Utah.




Driver's Ed Can be Fun!

 Schedule your drives with us and see how... 



New local company!


Ken Wade has taught middle and high school history and coached tennis at Waterford School in Sandy for over 20 years. He has 4 daughters, and as the oldest approached driving age, he decided to learn more about the driver's training process to help her learn to drive safely and confidently. In the process, he decided to become a certified instructor and learned quickly that he really enjoys it. Ken loves to drive and has had such a great experience getting to know young drivers from all over the area that he decided to buy his own car and begin Eco Driving Utah.

Eco Driving Utah was born because all those hours driving around town made Ken wish he could be driving a more ecologically-friendly vehicle. His 2020 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid offers best-in-class gas mileage (60 mph!). It is also technologically advanced with various features like lane assist and collision avoidance that students will become familiar with during their drives. One eco friendly car will not solve the air quality issues along the Wasatch Front, but it feels good to do something. 

Ken also decided to be a driving instructor because of his personal experience. When he got his driver's license in 1985 in Park City, the requirements in Utah were much less strict - no required 40 hours with parents, no learner's permit, very little driving with the school class, and no requirements about who could ride in the car of a new driver. Ken has only caused one accident in 35 years of driving, and it happened the morning after his 16th birthday! Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Ken is passionate about making sure new drivers are prepared to avoid a similar beginning -- and he is proud that his two oldest daughters - 19 and 16 - remain accident-free!

Ken would love to work with you to fulfill your driver's ed requirements and prepare for the driving skills test, and most importantly, to become a safe, defensive driver. He is patient and friendly, loves interacting with teenagers, and will go out of his way to make sure you have an excellent experience. From picking you up at your home, to giving you practice road skills tests, to offering free extra training if you do not pass the test at first, Ken's goal is that you have a safe, thorough, successful, and enjoyable driving experience.

You deserve the best in driver's education!