- Full Driving Instruction for 15-18 Year-old Drivers -

The state of Utah requires Behind the Wheel driving with an instructor for all new 15-18 year old drivers. We generally do this in 3 sessions of about two hours each. No "range-time" is needed because we train students to drive in real situations. Students will practice defensive driving on residential and commercial roads as well as on highways and freeways and will get plenty of practice perfecting the skills needed to ace the road skills test.

 If you prefer to always be with another student or to be with either a male or female instructor, let us know up front and we will schedule accordingly. If you prefer being in the car with someone you know, sign up with a friend and you can drive together! (Plan ahead as scheduling this may take a bit longer.) Also, a parent or sibling is always welcome to ride along and observe if they like.

Text 385-237-6589 to schedule your drives

Teen drivers also must complete approved coursework. We have an online course - see details on the prices page. 

- Driving Instruction for Adult Drivers (19+) -

If you are 19 or older and need to qualify for your license, you need to obtain and hold a learner's permit for at least 3 months and pass the road skills test. We would love to schedule private lessons to help you prepare.

Text 385-237-6589 to schedule a time. 

If you need your license before the three months ends, adults can complete the full course which will waive the three month requirement. In that case, all the information (including coursework) in the 15-18 year-old section will apply to the adult.

- Private Driving Lessons - 

Do you need a bit more practice before taking the road skills test? Do you want to work on building your confidence behind the wheel - maybe at night or in snowy/rainy conditions? Do you just need a refresher course because it's been a long time? If so, we would be happy to schedule private lessons with you. 

- Now Offering State Road Tests! - 

Beginning January 2022, Eco Driving is able to provide official state road testing as a Third Party Road Tester. Text 385-237-6589 for details and to schedule a test. See this document for further details. 

NOTE: The state will not allow a private driver's ed company to test its own students who complete the full driving instruction course. If you are an Eco Driving student, we are happy to recommend good third party testers near you.

Text 385-237-6589 to schedule a time. 

All fees can be paid by cash, check to "Ken Wade - Eco Driving Utah", or Venmo to @ecodriving on the day of the first drive. 

 We are here for you 

Whether you decide drive with us or not, feel free to call or text if you are having trouble navigating the requirements to get your license. We are happy to help you understand what needs to be done and make recommendations. We also guarantee that you will pass the road skills test after driving with us and will schedule another free lesson if you don't.